cat power just followed me on instagram, completely unprovoked. i feel weirdly proud in this moment.

(also, having much more limited access to the internet and cellular devices here is making me wish we could all time travel back to the nineties when i return to NYC.)

things i am (at times reluctantly) re-learning during my month long stay in buenos aires (after four years of being away): latin american hormones are like american hormones on crack. the cheese here smells like if you put a dead dog inside a gym sock. drinking coffee with medialunas and smoking cigarettes outside of cafes is just about the greatest. everyone is beautiful. people ask me for directions and favors all the time. i will be glad to change apartments for the second two weeks of my trip tomorrow. the end. (for now.)


Easiest choice I’ve ever made

pretty much.
(translation: little pete likes that you almost just got hit by a car.)

okay i just got to eat steak with susan miller and it was the most magical night of my life. (she smells really good and she said we should try to not be in NYC on the fourth of july because #STORMS, which is good because i am going to argentina for the whole month.)

the checkout guy at walgreens just explained the plot of “say anything” to me because he couldn’t remember the title. (why he was even thinking about the movie in the first place remains unclear.) i could have stopped him after two seconds, but it is weirdly entertaining to have someone try to describe john cusack to you in great detail because they think you have no concept of who he is.

this is like, the most ideal sunday of all time…i’m eating a giant pile of jamon serrano and cornichons, reading magazines and watching tennis on mute with washed out as the soundtrack.