okay but wait, like…remember how i randomly met sue heck last night? (cool, me too.)
front row jack o’connell is a good thing.

so i’ve been thinking more and more about the reasons behind my extreme relationship claustrophobia (or: the condition of being very easily smothered, even when it comes to friendships), and while i still don’t have any definitive answers, i just thought about that book ‘the runaway bunny’. have you read it? YOU MUST HAVE if you were a child ever. anyway, it’s about a bunny who keeps telling its mom that it’s going to run away from her, and she keeps saying she’ll follow the bunny wherever it ends up going.

i think for normal children this was all supposed to be comforting (like your mom would never abandon you or something), but for me it was TERRIFYING. like, even as a LITTLE, LITTLE KID i’d think, why doesn’t the mother bunny just leave the baby bunny alone? why doesn’t she respect the baby bunny’s decisions and/or space? and i still totally feel this way. (okay that’s all. cool childhood, cool grown-up.)

i was at a party like zero feet away from laverne cox last night, and i am filled with eternal regret that i successfully resisted the urge to obnoxiously ask her for a photo. (because she is everything, basically.)


poor little thing. keep an eye out if you live near douglass and nevins!

is it weird that i want to soundtrack my nature footage from the grand canyon with drake’s “wu-tang forever”? ‘cause something about it feels super right.