currently eating airport empanadas and getting drunk while waiting for my flight to board to go back to NYC. mildly afraid my flight will disappear en route, but the idea of brooklyn in august makes me feel like maybe it’d be for the best.

"if you walk around half naked dressed like slut butts (in the guise of pretending to be your favorite super hero) then your gonna get stared at…as long as people ain’t touching you…’shut the fuck up, you asked for the attention.’"

"lol this is silly. PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!"

"well put your titties away or stfu. stupid."

thank you, all of the men, for providing such wisdom on the subject. (also, you are probably definitely the problem.)

ALSO, congratulations “ackshun jackson” on the correct differentiation between “your” and “you’re”, and no, i am definitely not going to censor any of your facebook names, because you brought this on yourselves.

sincerely: silly slut butt.

the most wonderful part about this trip to argentina (apart from it being winter here) is that i have basically been without technology every time i leave the apartment. (more of that please.)

saw a man carrying his dead dog out to his car in recoleta this morning. he put the dog in the trunk and he looked at it. the dog did not move and neither did the man. then he closed the trunk. he stood there, and i kept walking. (there was sorrow.)


(also, having much more limited access to the internet and cellular devices here is making me wish we could all time travel back to the nineties when i return to NYC.)

things i am (at times reluctantly) re-learning during my month long stay in buenos aires (after four years of being away): latin american hormones are like american hormones on crack. the cheese here smells like if you put a dead dog inside a gym sock. drinking coffee with medialunas and smoking cigarettes outside of cafes is just about the greatest. everyone is beautiful. people ask me for directions and favors all the time. i will be glad to change apartments for the second two weeks of my trip tomorrow. the end. (for now.)